Passport, check. Ticket, check. Dentist – check?

iStock_000050967158_XXXLargeWhether you’re travelling to some far-flung corner of the earth or you’re getting to know the great Australian outback, planning your holiday is part of the build up to a great trip. Although you may have thought about visiting your GP before setting off, what about a visit to your dentist? If you’re not up-to-date with your treatments, tooth troubles could really ruin your trip!

Get checked

Been putting off a dental check-up and clean? Arranging a check-up before you go is especially important if you’re heading to remote places or visiting developing countries where access to high quality dental care isn’t possible. A professional clean is especially important if you have gum disease, which affects nearly a quarter of Australian adults and is the most common cause of tooth loss[i]. Your rt healthy teeth dentist can detect the tiniest areas of tooth decay when they’re easiest to treat.

Avoiding emergencies

If you need something like root canal treatment, try to complete the treatment before you go. It can help you avoid the kind of pain that can result from pressure changes in the aircraft cabin; it’ll also avoid the potential for infection, too.

If an accident or emergency occurs when you’re away, emergency treatment could be uncomfortable and expensive. If you can’t complete all of the treatments you need before you go, your dentist will advise you about your best options.

Take care

Planning on participating in close contact sport or an activity like skiing or snowboarding while you’re away? If there’s a strong chance of collision with others, talk to your dentist about a mouth guard. And while you’re away, watch what you eat – avoiding hard foods like toffees, popcorn and ice will help to reduce the risk of tooth cracks and chips.

Keep ‘em clean

Chew sugar-free gum after eating – the act of chewing helps to trigger the release of saliva and it’s saliva’s job to wash away food debris and buffer acids in your mouth. Plus, the action of chewing helps to dislodge food stuck to your teeth. Flossing after meals also helps to dislodge trapped pieces of food from the teeth, too.

Glow before you go

Who knows what lies ahead on your holiday? But one thing you can be sure of is that there will be lots of photos. If you need a boost to your smile confidence, think about brightening it up with a whitening treatment. Whether in-house or take-home from a dentist, a professional treatment won’t just brighten your teeth – it could really lighten up your view of those ever-present happy snaps!

Don’t have time to go before you go?

Then give us a call after your holiday to get your teeth looked at.

Don’t forget!

Stock-image-woman-at-dentist_xxl-15As an rt health fund member with Premium Extras cover, you have access to unlimited preventive dental benefits. Claim your $300 treatment with no out-of-pocket costs.

If you’re an rt health fund member with Smart, Fit & Healthy or Value Extras cover and have dental benefits remaining, you can claim the full cost of your treatment, provided you have benefit limits remaining.

Come along to our state-of-the-art dental practice in Surry Hills and bring everyone covered by your rt membership. Spread the word to friends who aren’t rt fund members as we’re open to the public as well and accept members of all health funds.

Your comprehensive dental check-up will include:

  • A thorough scale and clean
  • Bite-wing x-ray (which show details from the crowns of the teeth to the supporting bone. This can detect decay between teeth and allow for early treatment.)
  • OPG x-ray (a wide x-ray view of the lower face, showing all the teeth of the upper and lower jaw on a single film)
  • Fluoride application (to help show any areas of decay and inflammation)
  • Intra oral imaging (used to help show decay and inflammation).

Call 1300 991 044 to book your appointment or visit our website for more information,

[i] Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Oral health and dental care in Australia.


One thought on “Passport, check. Ticket, check. Dentist – check?”

  1. Going to the dentist before you travel is always a good idea; it’s always better to be safe than sorry. The best way to avoid emergencies is to check for problems before they happen! I mean, how awful would it be to find out you have a cavity in the middle of a big trip? It’s much easier to get a filling before a trip than during a trip!

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